Monday, August 25, 2014

The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand

Every summer, I look forward to a new installment from Elin Hilderbrand. Her books have the island of Nantucket as the setting.  The Matchmaker did not disappoint.

Dabney Kimball Beech is a 48 year-old woman who has lived her entire life on Nantucket.  She is the  highly successful President of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce.  Dabney also has a special vision for figuring out who would be compatible as a couple.  She has matched over forty-two couples on Nantucket.   Dabney has a "gift for love, the way one has an eye for color."   Dabney's husband is John Boxmiller Beech, an economics professor at Harvard and an economics specialist to the President of the United States.  Dabney affectionately refers to him as "Box."   Box commutes to Harvard on Sunday evening and he returns to Nantucket for the weekend.

Dabney's high school sweetheart, Clendenin Hughes returns to Nantucket after twenty-seven years.  Hughes left the U.S. after graduating from college to pursue his lifetime goal to be an internationally renown journalist in the Pacific Rim.  Clendenin returns to Nantucket hoping to renew his relationship with Dabney even though he knows that Dabney is a married woman. 

To complicate things even further, Dabney's daughter, Agnes returns to Nantucket for the summer because her job as a Boys & Girls Club Director is phased-out due to the Club temporarily closing during the summer.  Agnes brings her much-older fiance' CJ, who is a sports representative for professional athletes.  Upon meeting CJ, Dabney immediately knows that CJ is not the "right one" for Agnes.


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