Friday, August 15, 2014

Escaped With Honor by Charles Layton

Escaped With Honor by Charles Layton

What I loved about this book wasn't the writing or even the story itself. What I loved was the heart behind the story. I read a lot of woe is me books by people who blame their current life on their past. This is NOT that book. Yes, Layton's childhood was heartbreaking, his time in Korea tragic, and his search for love and belonging touching but it's his continual hope and refusal to wallow in self pity that reached me the most.

In his own words, "looking back, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I assumed I could deal with the experiences in my life - and the consequences - on my own. I thought I was strong enough to hold it all in and not burden others with my past. However, as I have made new friends - people of faith that I have learned to trust - they have encouraged me to tell my story. Through the pledge I made in the Hooch to use my life to care and do good for others, I am now surrounded by friends who have helped me to examine my life from a new and beautiful perspective. I know that I did not make this pledge to myself sixty years ago because of where I was, but because of who I am.


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