Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Telling by Beverly Lewis

Grace Byler spends all of this trilogy wondering why her mother Lettie left the family and doing what she can to find her. With "Englischer" Heather's help, Grace follows clues to her mother's whereabouts, always missing Lettie by a day or two.

One of the major themes running through the three books is adoption. The reader will see the ending coming a mile away, but the twist involves who it is that does "The Telling".

While I enjoy Beverly Lewis's books, I don't think she needed a whole trilogy to tell this story.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rewilding the World by Caroline Fraser

The author tells an interesting story. To me it highlights a paradox. Humans do their best to avoid the hazards of living wild such as predation and lack of care for the injured and sick. However we prescribe this as a solution for all other creatures except our pets.-posted for Jim Wichman

Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin

The author describes the recent financial crisis on a day by day basis as it developed. The book discusses different political viewpoints but does not take a political viewpoint. He describes the people involved and their concerns without casting them as villains. -posted for Jim Wichman

American Heroes by Edmund Morgan

This book tells the story of American heroes such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others from a different perspective. The author describes these people in the context of their time leading to a more complete understanding of these people. -posted for Jim Wichman