Sunday, February 2, 2014

Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch by Haywood Smith

St. Martin's Press
C 2003

Ride along with Lin Breedlove Scott as she returns to her family home after she divorces her husband of thirty years.  Lin finds out that a lot of things have changed since her childhood.  Her uncle who has Alzheimer's is living with her aging parents as well as her brother who is a recovering alcoholic.  Lin ends up working at the local pharmacy/diner while also going to school to get her Realtor's license.  She becomes involved with her neighbor, a divorced pharmacist.  Lin also volunteers to help a friend with his campaign for mayor in order to "clean up" the town's corrupt politicians and cronies.  
A very interesting read about adapting to change and family dynamics, this book was recently discussed by the Fantastic Fiction group at the Seymour Library.-Kim D.

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