Friday, August 9, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

Imagine waking up in a hospital in Florence, Italy and not remembering how you got there.  Then a few moments later, a doctor tells you that you have been shot in the head.  That is how Dan Brown's newest book, The Inferno begins.  Robert Langdon, a symbologist from Harvard, flees the hospital with Dr. Sienna Brooks because he is being hunted down.  Langdon soon discovers an artifact in his jacket pocket.  Robert's journey to flee his adversary takes him past architectural wonders, through secret passageways, and by famous paintings and sculptures in Florence and Venice.  While attempting to solve a riddle based upon Dante's Divine Comedy, Langdon is asked to assist the director of the World Health Organization in battling a terrorist who has threatened to release a toxin that could cause a world-wide plague.  An intriguing read

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