Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

Beth Cardill has loved three men in her life.  Mark, her first husband, betrays her.  She doesn't find out that he is cheating one her until her daughter Charlotte comes down with a mysterious illness that is causing dangerous symptoms and the doctors can't diagnose.

Soon after Beth becomes ill, Mark also gets a critical illness. Shortly after this, Beth has to juggle mortgage payments and more bills than her job can pay for.

Enter the tall, dark stranger.  Matthew helps Beth with her problems and suggests the cause of Charlotte's illness.  Everything turns around for Beth. Life is wonderful and beautiful - but...isn't it strange that Matthew knows things about her and Charlotte that he can't possibly know.

When Matthew helps Beth with her financial problems, and then disappears with the money, Beth determines never to trust anyone ever again.

I won't tell you the ending, but don't give up hope for Beth and don't judge Matthew too quickly. The answer to the riddle of Matthew is one you aren't likely to guess before Richard Paul Evans tells you.

Kathi Linz

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