Thursday, October 4, 2012

Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret

Sunny and Starr are twins who were separated at age three when their mother and grandmother die in a car crash.  Sunny goes with a great-aunt, but eventually ends up in foster care several states away from her original home. 

She finds some money and determines to travel to the state of Washington to find her twin.  She travels in ways that hopefully will help her stay out of sight of the Child Services department. 

Along the way, she adopts a stray old dog, is bothered by bullies, and barely escapes the ravages of a tornado.  A taxi driver points out that people who care about her are probably frantic with worry. 

Sunny, still determined to get to her sister, finally makes it back to her old hometown where she discovers that not all dreams come true, but others may be better than she had ever thought they could be.

On a down day, I asked our children's librarian for a happy book.  While this one has some stressful moments, it is definitely an emotionally satisfying story.


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