Saturday, September 8, 2012

8 MInutes to Digital Winter by Mark Hitchcock and Alton Gansky

What would happen if a worm got into the computer systems and shut everything down.  No refrigeration, no electricity, no cars that have computer chips...  What would the government be able to do?  What would be the priorities if such a thing happened?

There are a number of players in this gripping book, but the main focus is on Colonel Jeremy Matisse, military expert on all things computer, and his wife, surgeon Roni Matisse.  When the world collapses around them, they each feel that their duties take presidence over any personal wishes they might have.  Jeremy follows President Barlow into a safe place similar to NORAD and struggles to find the antidote to the computer problems.  Roni stays at her post in the hospital - not just for a couple of extra shifts - but for months, as she tries to save people's lives with medicine gone back to WW I or before.

President Barlow tries to make executive decisions for the good of the whole country with few advisors and extremely limited information and resources.

Demonic spirits are at work in this book published by Harvest House.  They set up the story but don't overshadow it.

I'm betting this is the first book in a series based on the way the final chapter plays out.

Kathi Linz

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