Sunday, June 1, 2014

Formatting Tips for Publishing a Createspace Book & Kindle Direct eBook by John J. Sullivan

If you have a book manuscript in your bottom drawer just aching to be sent out into the world, but you have had trouble finding a publisher, this book might be the answer you were looking for. There's no longer any need to persuade a traditional publisher that you have a brilliant book which is going to make you tons of money. Rake all that dough in for yourself by epublishing through Amazon.

The main trick to putting your book on the market is to format the manuscript correctly. If you follow the instructions in this book your manuscript will pass the test. Each new instruction comes with a screen shot showing you exactly what to do each step of the way. By the time you finish going through this book, you will have your book available in POD and Kindle-ready format.

Kathi Linz

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