Monday, June 3, 2013

Boston Jane: The Claim by Jennifer Holm

Boston Jane: The Claim by Jennifer Holm is the third book in a trilogy. Jane Peck's story wouldn't necessarily have to end here. There are obviously more adventures to be found in the great wilderness of northern California in the days of the first settlers.

Jane has guts.  She stands up for what's right no matter who she has to challenge to do it.

The settlers and the Chinook Indians lived comfortably as neighbors, helping each other out until Jane's former fiance and Mr. Biddle show up for the purpose of land speculation. Arriving with Mr. Biddle is his daughter, Jane's arch-nemesis, Sally. Sally is determined to ruin Jane's life - and she does an admirable job of it. When Jane tries to right things, she only manages to look jealous or spiteful.

An election gone horribly awry makes things MUCH worse, not just for for Jane, but for the whole community, the Chinooks, and Katy, a sweet child of mixed parentage whose white father dies.

The situation deteriorates to such a point that, not more than 20 pages from the end of the book, I asked myself, "How is this going to come out right with only this much to go?"

The author tells a cracking good story. I'm sorry that this is the end of Jane Peck's story - for now.

Kathi Linz

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