Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sabotaged by Margaret P. Haddix

The adventures of Jonah and Katherine continue as they join forces with another adoptee named Andrea.  JB sends them back in time with a dog named Dare to the Roanoke Colony.  Andrea was actually the first English child born in the Americas, Virginia Dare.  Since she had been kidnapped, she was unable to finish one critical part of her life.  The children needed to put history to rights.

Andrea acts somewhat strange from the very beginning.  It comes out that she had been approached by another time traveler who calls himself Second.  He originally had been working for JB, but decided that there were parts of history that could be improved.  His changes upset time itself.

The children hit one disaster after another.  Even though the first two book ended on something like a cliff-hanger, each story came to a conclusion.  This book falls - you'll understand the term after you read the book - straight into the next one.  I could almost "Dare" you not to grab the next book as soon as you finish this one.

JB, Andrea, and her grandfather Governor John White are left in 1600 in dire straits.  It's up to Jonah and Katherine to complete the next leg of the quest in order to save Andrea and JB from being stranded there for the rest of their lives.

More to come.


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