Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Road to Grace by Richard Paul Evans

The Road to Grace is part three in Richard Paul Evans The Walk series.  The story begins with the death of Alan Christofersen's wife, the theft of his business by his business partner and the ensuing forclosure of his home.  In his grief and anger, Alan decides to walk as far as he can from all of his troubles.  Since he starts in Seattle, his journey is intended to take him to Key West. 

Some people think these books are little more than a travelogue with the sights along the way and the menus of various eateries along the road.  But look a little closer.  Notice the people Alan meets along the way.

In book one, he learns to accept that he is still alive and should not seek death for himself.  (He verges on suicidal in the beginning.)  Book two included him helping someone else to choose life and find a kind of healing for himself.  This book, book three, focuses on forgiveness.  He deals with his mother-in-law who had abandoned her family when Alan's wife was very young.  He falls sick and spends a couple of days with an elderly Holocaust survivor who tells him that if he doesn't forgive his business partner, he will be ceding his life to that man.  Alan would be imprisoning himself without his hatred having the slightest effect on his enemy.

The book doesn't have a twist at the end.  It has road construction (literally) and a boulder in the road for Alan to deal with.  I'm assuming there will be a part four.  I very much wish to know what Alan is going to do next.

The scenery extends from Rapid City, South Dakota, to St. Louis, Missouri.  I think this book is worth the trip.


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