Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later" by Francine Pascal

For someone like me who read both Sweet Valley Twins & Sweet Valley High books while growing up, finding out that there was a new Sweet Valley book that seemed to be for adults was exciting! Sweet Valley Confidential centers, of course, on Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield, as do the other four or five Sweet Valley series, but takes place about ten years after the events of the Sweet Valley High series.

Growing up reading about the Wakefields & Sweet Valley, it was neat to read a book about the same characters & see their lives as adults. While the book is not high-class literature, it was a fun & nostalgic read that covered revenge, romance, & reunion with characters from my youth.

Monica Boyer

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  1. I will have to pick this up. I was a major fan, read every book in this series growing up! I think it also maybe influenced me to be an author too! Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea this book was out!