Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learn to Feel Better & Present the Real You--Using Your "Own" Colors

The Color of Style : A Fashion Expert Helps You Find Colors That Attract Love, Enhance Your Power, Restore Your Energy, Make a Lasting Impression, and Show the World Who You Really Are by David Zyla

It was fun to kick back and relax with the newest book on personal use of color. I was surprised that David Zyla hit a home run helping people find their true "base" colors similar in theory to an old book by Florence Littauer that I considered to be the best on the subject. I just wish he showed the palettes of color, like the old Littauer book.

Colorist/stylist for celebrities, Zyla tells how to use your own body colors to find what makes you feel very comfortable and to express yourself in different situations or occasions. This book can help people get rid of the "wrong" things in their closets, choose a new wardrobe, or just one piece of clothing or an accessory. Learn to make a statement in business, romance, or decor, and be a better you, the way you were created to be!

Becky Brewer

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